The benefits

Economic Benefits 

The proposed development would generate the following social, economic and environmental benefits:​

Initial capital investment of approximately £40m

Supporting direct FTE construction jobs and indirect and induced FTE jobs in the supply chain and related services per annum throughout the 22 month build period

Delivering an uplift in Gross Value Added (GVA) (economic output) per annum throughout the construction period

Social Benefits  

Consolidation of childrens services within the RVI estate, including a direct link between the proposed development and the Great North Children’s Hospital

Delivery of a state-of-the-art facility to meet modern NHS standards and ensure young people across the north east region receive the best care in a high quality, purpose-built centre

Supporting the expansion of the RVI estate in accordance with local planning policy


Incorporation of sustainability measures into the scheme design to help deliver the Trust’s Climate Emergency Strategy and the commitment to become a net zero carbon organisation

Sustainable regeneration of a previously developed site within the city’s urban core;

Relocation of existing children paediatric services to an easily-accessible city-centre location;